CIS NFT Royalty extension

CIS-1 and CIS-2 extension. Reports all the royalties associated with a specific token.


TokenId ::= (size: u8) (buffer: u8 * size)
Percentage ::= (micro_percent: u64 as LE)
Royalty ::= (beneficiary: AccountAddress) (percentage: Percentage)

Read functions

Function getRoyalties

Entrypoint name: getRoyalties
Return a list of royalties associated with given token ID.
Parameters in binary
Parameter ::= (token_id: TokenId)
Return value
Result ::= (length: u32 as LE) (royalties: Royalty * length)
  • -2147483646 ParseError
    • Invalid function parameters.
  • -42000001 InvalidTokenId
    • Attempt to read royalty for unknown token.
  • Non exhaustive
    • Other errors may be returned according to contract logic.