Glossary for terms we use on Concordium Name Service
  • CNS - Concordium name service.
  • CNS NFT - A CNS domain token. User owning the CNS NFT also owns the corresponding domain and can make changes to it.
  • Domain/Name - A CNS identifier such as 'alice.ccd'. Names may consist of multiple parts, called labels, separated by dots.
  • Grace period - A period of time when expired token can't be registered by any other user to allow original user to extend subscription.
  • Label - An individual component of a name, such as 'alice'.
  • Labelhash - The Keccak-256 hash of an individual label.
  • Namehash - The algorithm used to process a domain name and return a cryptographic hash uniquely identifying that name.
  • Registration - A process of claiming a new or expired domain for a limited amount of time.
  • Registry - A storage contract responsible for storing the domain data.
  • Royalty - A fee that should be transfered on token sale.
  • Subdomain - A child domain that has more than one components.
  • Subscription extension - A process of extending the subscription period for given domain.